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Social Activities of the Friends.

It's Not All Work.

Apart from the valuable restoration projects, the Friends do a lot of very important work to help the management and staff around the Museum site throughout the year. But there's also a very active social life to be had in the Friends.

Many Friends travel some distance to attend special events at the Museum site and find it well worth their time and effort. Especially interesting are the events that include tours around the Museum to visit the areas not normally seen by the public.

Even if you live in other parts of Britain, or the World, I'm sure that reading about the friendly family atmosphere that exists amongst the members will make you feel part of our circle of Friends of Beamish Museum.

It show just how many social activities there are during the year for Friends to enjoy.

Could you organize a day trip away for the Friends? Interested? Contact us now.

Happy Days!

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Photograph: Weekend Away.

A long group photograph of over sixty people standing in a pose in front of a row of factory buildings. They face towards the camera, some holding small bags and one man is crouching down in front holding a document.

This group are standing on a large stip of tarmac on which some faint markings in white can be seen. The people wear colourful clothes, bright reds, blues and yellows but the photograph is not good enough that individuals can be easily ascertained. TEXT.


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Become a Friend of Beamish. No matter where you live. You don't have to live locally to join The Friends.

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