Newcastle Cart Alternative Descriptions.

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Photograph 1: The Newcastle Cart.

Black and white photograph of a man with a horse and cart standing in front of a factory. The man is on the left edge of the picture and facing the camera. He wears a dark workman's cap, a dark short coat and light coloured trousers with an open necked white shirt. Below the knees he has black stockings or leggings and black boots.

The man holds the horses head with his left hand his right hand by his side. The horse and cart extend across the whole of the rest of the photograph facing to the left and showing a complete side view of the rig. The horse occupies the left half. It is dark coloured with white markings on its nose and hooves. It wears a harness supporting the shafts of the cart. The shafts extend horizontally across his body to the neck which has a supporting strap showing. In the centre of the horses back can be seen a white strap or harness.

On the right half is a two wheeled cart with a central axle, light coloured and with a slender platform and very low sides. The wheels have light coloured rims and many thin spokes with a central hub pertruding from the wheel. Underneath a suggestion of springs.

In the Background a factory wall of brickwork extends across the picture just a few feet behind the horse and cart. On the left a large door with an arch and a high topbar to provide the top beam for the double square shaped doors that meet in the middle.

The brick wall of the factory on the right shows four square windows with bars. Two high windows with a white tint and two windows directly below these with the bottom halves below the ground level. These have a dark tint.

There is no pavement where the cart is standing. The photograph is of reasonable quality for its age of about a hundred years. TEXT.



Photograph 2: The Completed Newcastle Cart.

Colour photograph: The finished Newcastle Cart painted red but with extensive decorations is seen standing in the workshop. It is a long slender cart with large wheels. The cart body on the left and the shafts on the right. It has two large but lightly structured spoked wheels on a thin axle and supported by two slender cart springs.

The body of the cart has low sides on top of which are narrow planks of wood sticking out from them at rightangles to form a support for extra wide loads. These extend for the length of the cart body and are supported by four equispaced thin brackets. There is a raised front to the cart, very light in structure and well carved.

This cart which is overall painted red is covered with beautiful decoration or lining using painted lines of black in which are painted even thinner lines of yellow. This decoration extends over the whole cart including the wheels, the springs and all sides of the cart body. Even on sections of the underside of the vehicle.

On the side of the cart in yellow is painted the words "The D.C.F.A. Ltd Arthur Street Mill".

Behind the cart can be seen, indistinctly, the dark interior of the workshop storage area. TEXT.



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