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Rowley Station of 1913.

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A Typical Local Railway Station of the Period.

Standing at the Station.

Photograph: Station Master of 1913 period in his ticket office.

Photograph: Station master in his 1913 period ticket office.
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Unfortunately Colin has retired so you won't see him on the station in his Museum period costume. One of the things he says he will not miss are the many visitors who ask "When's the train coming?".

Within the station there is a variety of freight rolling stock including coal wagons. But trains don't actually come and go.

At present a classic locomative is being restored off site. It is a N.E.R. Class C 060 tender locomotive, built in Gateshead in 1889 and if you would like to see this superb steam locomotive back at the station, learn more about it or make a donation to the Restoration Appeal. Please contact the Beamish Museum.

Colin will also miss the museum cats who can be often seen at the station lounging around and drinking milk as all cats seem to do.

Colin Tipping is a Friend of Beamish but that isn't the only B in Colin's bonnet as you will see as he tells us of his early life and musical interests. He is an expert stringed instrument (violins and guitars ) restorer and maker and also plays in local bands. Some of his spare time is spent on restoration work in the friends workshop.

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Colin is Standing at the Station.

The photograph shows a man in uniform standing behind a large desk in an office. In the background on the left is a large brown wooden frame set into the wall. It has a hatchway in which there is a black metal grill. Through the grill can be seen daylight.

Slightly left of centre stands a high wooden panelled door in brown. The wall is peach coloured and has its corner to the right of the door. On the right wall is a large brown sash window with a horizontal bar across the centre. A number green trees can be seen indistinctly through this window.
In front of the window stands a cabinet consisting of a lower cupboard and a section above with compartments in which tickets and other documents are stored.

In the centre stands a man dressed in a black uniform of a 1913 station master. Both hands are resting on a large office desk. It has a green leather top with a brown wooden border. On the desk are various trays and documents. TEXT.


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